Going into hibernation until Spring!

It was cold and windy and wet around the edges — the perfect day to think about hunkering down till better prospects showed themselves.  And besides that, it was Veteran’s Day!  What better day to put The Honorary Oysterville Militia’s cannon into protective custody (or as I prefer to think of it, hibernation) for the winter!

Bronze Plaque Listing Founding Members of THOM

Two Militia members from around the corner volunteered their services — Father and Elder Son Wachsmuth — Lieutenant Chester and Private Charles!  Along with the cannon, they stowed the plaque with the names of the original THOM members from Oysterville’s Sesquicentennial Year,2004.

THOM’s First Muster – Oysterville Sesquicentennial 2004

As I watched them roll the 1841 Mountain Howitzer into its winter quarters, I couldn’t help wondering how many times it had been fired over the years and for how many different events.  For Memorial Days and Veterans’ Days, for weddings and birthdays, for anniversaries and commemorations — and once in a rare while just for the hell of it.

The Honorary Oysterville Militia, Memorial Day 2022 – General Nyel in Wheelchair at left; Ron Biggs, center in beige vest,

The last time it was fired was Memorial Day 2022.  It was one of the best salutes ever. Scarcely a week later, on June 8, THOM’s General Nyel Stevens would die.  He would be followed just two weeks later on June 23 by THOM’s Captain Ronald Biggs.  Oysterville is still reeling.

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  1. Deborah L Wells says:

    Blessings to you in your memories and at least the sun came out today although it is a bit chilly!! Cheers!! Deb

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