Three Thumbs Up for Long Beach!

Mask Up

There’s probably a way to get a good picture of a billboard message in lights — one of those kind that changes every few seconds.  Probably pulling over to the side of the road and doing the usual point-and-click isn’t optimum, but there was traffic and…

Practice Patience

In any case, most locals (who undoubtedly get out and about more frequently than I) have probably seen the big signs I’m talking about.  They are both on the main highway as you enter Long Beach — one facing south, about across from Bank of the Pacific and one facing north about across from the golf course.  I think I noticed that one first, probably last Friday.

At least for me, from when you first see the sign until you have driven past it, there is just enough time to read the three messages it flashes:  MASK UP!  PRACTICE PATIENCE!  SOCIAL DISTANCE!  Maybe not in that order.  But, I was so pleased to see the sign(s) and recognize the watchwords of our times that I didn’t really register any details.

Social Distance

Today, coming back from a doctor’s appointment in Ilwaco, we pulled over to take a picture of the sign across from the BOP.  There was a fair amount of traffic, so we didn’t linger, even though Nyel was dissatisfied with his results.  I don’t  know if they’d have turned out better if he’d managed perfect timing…  Maybe.  But whether or not the timing is perfect for a cell phone photograph, it is fine and dandy tfor drivers and passengers entering Long Beach to read all three messages.  Now let’s just hope they “get” them.

And three thumbs up to Long Beach (one for each message!) for putting these important watchwords up in lights!

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