The nip of fall and the whiff of rye!

Rustic Rye Bread

It’s been a little chilly out today.  And cloudy, too.  But when the sun broke through  about noon, it felt (and looked!) like a righteous autumn day.  The topper came when I followed my nose to the kitchen and was treated to a buttery slice of Nyel’s rye bread, fresh out of the oven.  What is it about colors and fragrances, tastes and sensations that just cheer you right up No Matter What?

The timing was perfect.  We ate lunch and then I went to author Caroline Miller’s Just Read IT Zoom Meeting to discuss Louise Penny’s fifteenth book, A Better Man.  My discussion partner was historian Serena Zilliacus who is working on her first novel and the half-hour program was moderated by our host, Caroline.  Before we began, we met with Rob Hoffman (whose title I’m unsure of, but I’m going to call him “the producer”) and two sound engineers.

Dappled Shade Garden

First, let me say that if you have been dissatisfied with your zoom meetings, I highly recommend a techie team like Rob & Company.  In a few short minutes, they solved the lighting problems that have been plaguing me since my first zoom experience a year and a half ago.  Yay!  And if you want to be totally captivated by your discussion partner — to the point that you forget to even be nervous at all — see if you can book Serena.  Or at least someone who is from Australia.  Her accent was charming and certainly must have overridden any gaffes I might have made.  Or even my frozen moments due to our dreaded “intermittent internet connection” in Oysterville.

As for Caroline… she is the perfect host!  She kept us on track (or tried to!) and would have none of my excuses about not talking about the plot. (Sorry, Louise!  I HAD seen your YouTube book launch of A Better Man in which you asked audience members not to give away anything about the book and I tried not to. Really I did.)

Three Pines Pin

All-in-all, it was great fun.  I was actually disappointed when Caroline said it won’t air until next April and May.  I hope I can still conjure up this morning’s heady “nip and whiff” to see me through.  No matter what, I’ll let you know so you can see it for yourselves.  I only hope we did Armand and the Three Pines characters justice!

Oh… and by the way.  I couldn’t find my little Three Pines Pin so I borrowed Carol’s to wear on the program.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t show up — poor lighting or too dark against my sweater or something.  I think it’s just a Three Pines thing — the pin, like the village, only shows up when someone has need of it.  So, perhaps, some of you WILL see it when the show is aired!

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