Snugging In Against Winter

The Cannon Heads toward Winter Quarters

Yesterday, without fanfare, the replica 1841 Mountain Howitzer that rests on its own cement pad for six months of the year in our North Garden was retired for the winter.  General Nyel of The Honorary Oysterville Militia (THOM) oversaw the cannon’s Snugging In process by Lieutenant Chester “Tucker” Wachsmuth and his son Clark.

“The weatherman has been predicting serious rain for days now” said the General, “so we thought we’d better do our due diligence before it materializes.”  The cannon is now safely at parade rest in a snug corner of the Stevens’ garage as is the bronze plaque which displays the names of the founding members of THOM.

Bronze Plaque Listing Founding Members of THOM

Oysterville Daybook readers may remember that THOM was organized at the time of Oysterville’s Sesquicentennial in 2004. It was Nyel’s idea that the village should have a cannon to replace the one that was used here in the early days on ceremonial occasions. Cannons are expensive so we formed The Honorary Oysterville Militia and offered friends and family the opportunity to buy commissions. We raised enough money to purchase an exact replica of an 1841 Mountain Howitzer and to have it shipped from the factory in Coolville, Ohio. It, like it’s long-ago Oysterville predecessor, is fired only on ceremonial occasions and only with blank charges.

Snugged In for The Season

If the weather cooperates in the Spring, the cannon will return to its outside quarters sometime in May.  It has become the tradition to fire it on Memorial Day to honor those THOM members who have “fallen in the line of duty,” as well as all other Oysterville friends and loved ones who are no longer on the “active duty” list.

Meanwhile, we’re ready for those winter rains, Mr. Weatherman.  Bring ’em on!


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