Overtaking Galloping Mediocrity

Inside the Pacific County Courthouse at Oysterville, c. 1890

Last week, when a former teaching colleague arrived carrying two café mochas and a double shot iced espresso for Nyel, we spent a lovely hour sipping and “catching up.”  Such as we could.  Since she is no longer living in the area, and Nyel and I have more-or-less confined ourselves to quarters, “catching up” didn’t really involve much.  Not until we got to news of Pacific County.

There seemed to be quite a bit to tell in that arena, at least according to the most recent issues of the  Chinook Observer.  Most of our “reporting” centered on two items — the Commissioners’ difficulty in coming to consensus on policies relating to Covid immunizations for county employees for starters, and the ongoing resignations in the County Prosecutor’s office which could eventually involve Governor Inslee stepping in.  Both situations worrisome and both with cloudy implications and many unanswered questions.

“Galloping Mediocrity at its best!” our visitor said.  I whooped with laughter and THEN the coup de grâce:  “You coined that phrase years ago, Sydney.  Don’t you remember?”

Absolutely not.  No recollection at all.  “What was it in relation to?” asked I.

Pacific County Courthouse at South Bend, c. 1940

“Pacific County and its governance.  That’s all I remember,” was the reply.

I’ve wracked my brain since that conversation.  It’s been more than twenty-five years since she and I worked together, so what in the world could that have been about?  Nothing really comes to mind,  but then mediocrity is always hard to remember.  Harder still to overtake, apparently.


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  1. Nancy Lloyd says:

    How about Galloping Inepitude, especially in relation to the Dept. of Public Works? Worst filing system this old office manager has ever seen!

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