Our Freeloading Feathered Friends


We have just a few days of official summer left and, if they continue weather-wise like yesterday and today, we may well leave this 2021 season with kindly thoughts after all.   About the weather, that is.  About summer production in the coop, not so much. It’s highly doubtful that our girls will be able to make up for their recalcitrant summer egg-laying behavior.  So far, in June, July, and August COMBINED — nine eggs!  Nine!  Among three healthy, in their prime-of-life chickens!  I despair!!

Slutvana in the north nest box.

We think that all nine eggs were laid by the same hen — probably Slutvana.  She often hangs out in the north nest box and all nine eggs showed up there.  What’s more, they all looked very much alike.  The egg count has been: June 0, July 4, August 5.  The last two (yes, two!!) were laid on August 14 — exactly one month ago today.  According to the chicken experts it is possible for a hen to lay two eggs in a day, though highly unusual.

Little Red Hen

So… that was a month ago.  Since then: zip.  Perhaps Slutvana was thinking “Over” and “Out” and those were the final two she was going to produce.  Maybe she got tired of doing all the work (even though it wasn’t all that much.)  She probably noticed that Little Red Hen and Clara were getting treats every early morning at roll call when she was still hanging out in the nest box.  So now she’s freeloading right along with the other two.

Perhaps we need a re-naming ceremony — Freida-the-Freeloader, Marietta-the-Mooch, and Sparkle-the-Sponge.  More likely we need new laying stock but this Farmer’s wife is here to tell you… probably not gonna happen.


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