J.G. + C.S. — sort of.

Jackson Gable

We love Jackson Gable!  He’s lively, polite, and darling all rolled into one short-legged, long-haired package.

And Jackson Gable loves Clara Stevens.  Apparently.  Yesterday, for the first time ever, Jackson made his affections known.  Before anyone could say “STOP!” he was headed down the lane, under the gate, and had grabbed Ms. Clara by the tail in an enthusiastic embrace.  Clara, like all older girls with a bit of experience in their backgrounds, burst free and hid among the day lilies.  And the hell with her tail feathers — all but one.

Jackson’s bosslady, Cate, was distraught.  The Espy cousins went on a hen hunt.  Clara was found with ‘nary a mark on her — just totally embarrased at the condition of her tail.  Little Red Hen and Slutvana had disappeared, entirely — probably under the house, we decided.

Clara and Her One Remaining Tail Feather

By bedtime, all three girls had returned to the coop and were on their roost ready to put the day behind them.  I told them that Jackson’s bosslady had called three or four times to find out how Clara was and if everyone else had shown up.  They seemed satisfied that Jackson had probably been taken to task for his overly exuberant behavior.

I kept them in the coop run today.  Clara was hunkering back in the corner, embarrassed about her unsightly behind.  When I reassured her that we loved her no matter what and that Jackson wouldn’t be coming to call again anytime soon, she relaxed.  But just a little.  One thing about chickens — they are vain about their looks.  Especially about those saucy tail feathers!

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  1. Cate Gable says:

    And Cate’s tail is definitely between her legs!!!! Jsckson seems blithely unconcerned. It’s a dog’s life.

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