Hooray (mostly) for the rain!

My Leaky Rain Boots

As everyone knows, the importance of rain boots is keeping your feet dry.  When that function fails… well, what is there to say?

It’s not that my boots are all that old.  Pat Fagerland had a pair that she loved and I asked her where she got them.  I think that was about three years ago.  I sent for a pair to use when I am out in the garden.  But mostly for going back and forth to the chickens through the wet grass.  The grass doesn’t even have to be very long nor does it have to be rainy before the dew-soaked blades force the moisture right in among your toes.  That is, unless you are wearing “proper waterproof gear” as one of my friends calls slickers, sou’westers, and boots.

Howeever… following a chicken run a few days ago, I noticed that my socks were quite damp when I took off my boots.  “Couldn’t be!” I thought.  The next time, I shoved bare (not sock-encased) feet into those boots and, sure enough, I could actually feel the slight trickle of cold water on my toes.  Both feet!  Design flaw?  Factory defect?  Built-in obsolecence?  What the heck?

Clara Mae’s Fantasy

How could both boots fail simultaneously?  Three years might be too long to expect my money back.  Or even a replacement which is what I would prefer.  Pursuing it all seems like more trouble than it’s worth.  Maybe I’ll just settle for  three-years-is-good-enough and order new boots.

But… since when did rubber rain boots become a disposable item? Or does three years exceed the rule for “disposable?”  Life gets complicated for the conscientious — don’t you think?

Oh… and did I mention that the chickens have expressed some Rain Boot Envy on these wet days? I hate to disappoint them but I’m just not sure how to explain why we aren’t investing in rainy day footwear for them after all.

5 Responses to “Hooray (mostly) for the rain!”

  1. Glad I caught this blog. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Betty says:

    Hi Sydney,
    I remember when you were looking for boots. What I can tell is that your “newish” rain boots look like the sole is attached & the boot is not all in one. Probably why they developed leaks.

    I think your entitled to a new pair…or you can do what we did as kids & the hole wasn’t too big, wear plastic bread bags over your socks ?, kept our feet dry. Even put them on in winter, kept our feet warm because if they sweat your feet will get cold.

    Now I’m sure this will solve your wet feet…good luck on your shopping trip. Stay safe & healthy.


  3. sydney says:

    Yes, Betty, I think you’re right. (About the leak being where the sole is attached to the boot.) I love the bread bag idea. But I think, eventually, I’ll just get another pair!

  4. Bill says:

    try rubber cement

  5. sydney says:

    Hmmm. Good idea! Do you have any? I haven’t seen any since my school marm days when it was a staple among the primry set.

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