Fear and Foreboding Among the Girls


Last night Clara was missing from the roost.  Not only that, although it was almost dark, Slutvana left her perch and came out into the run to talk to me.  She was agitated but I couldn’t make out what the trouble was.

Then I heard just the smallest “pprrrtt” sound from way over in the corner underneath the coop — in an area that I can’t reach, of course.  I went outside and peered through the hog wire and there she was!  Clara!  All huddled up and rheumy-eyed making little “pprrrtt” sounds.

I squatted down and talked to her for a while.  Asked if she was okay (which I’m pretty sure she wasn’t) and asked her to come out so I could take her to Dr. Farmer Nyel.  With one last little pathetic sound, she closed her eye in dismissal.  I didn’t know if she was dead.  It’s hard to tell with chickens.

Slutvana pacing, pacing, pacing.

By then, Slutvana had gone back to roost and Little Red Hen was still asleep, apparently oblivious to the drama going on nearby.  I wish I could say I spent a restless night…  But when the alarm rang, I did pull on my boots and headed out.  “Pprrrtt” I heard right away.  Same spot.  Slutvana and LRH nervously pacing in the run.  They weren’t the least bit interested in the cracked corn treats I offered — just boogied off across the lawn toward the house and disappeared underneath leaving Clara huddled in her corner.

Little Red Hen — Nowhere To Be Seen.

Nyel and I spent a good part of the day across the river doing errands.  I dreaded going down to the coop when I got home and hated it that Slutvana met me right at the corner of the house and clucked and clacked all the way to the coop.  No Clara.  No LRH.  Slutvana a bundle of nerves.  What the heck?

A walk-about in the garden  revealed nothing chicken-wise.  I called and Slutvana clucked.  Nothing.  I soothed myself by admiring the rhododendrons that are bursting forth in all their glory. Slutvana went to the East Door hoping Nyel would show up with treats.

Maybe when the sun goes down all three girls will be back at the coop.  We can but hope.

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