But for the grace of God…

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As I read the front page news this morning, I was selfishly SO glad that I am long retired and not having to work during these treacherous times. I am pretty much out of the school loop — most of my teaching colleagues have now retired and I don’t have any close connections who are teaching or being taught.  So I’m unsure whether or not there are “choices” — as in can a teacher opt out of the classroom and into a virtual learning situation this school year in OBSD?

“Rod Run, Hilltop cases fuel peninsula Covid concerns” said the headline.  Somehow, the Rod Run didn’t surprise me — it seemed an “accident” waiting to happen, and while Nyel and I enjoyed sitting out in front of the house Sunday afternoon watching the cars parade by, we weren’t one bit tempted to go to Wilson’s Field to get up-close-and-personal this year.  But Hilltop!  OMG!  Educators and students are there by mandate I think.  I don’t believe there is a choice.  I SO wish readers who are better informed than I would weigh in.

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On Monday, OBSD Superintendent Amy Huntley confirmed that two Hilltop individuals have tested positive for the virus. While the positive cases would typically result in just a handful of students being sent home, Huntley said the circumstances of this situation meant that about two-thirds of the 7th grade class were close contacts of the infected individuals.

“Out of an excess of caution, and to provide the best instruction possible, we switched the 7th grade to remote learning the rest of the week,” Huntley said in an email. Vaccinated students and others who were not designated as close contacts do not need to quarantine or get tested, and can continue with their normal activities, she added.

“An EXCESS of caution”?????  My mind boggles.

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Meanwhile, according to Pacific County Health Director Katie Lindstrom, just a few weeks into the school year there have been Covid related cases in just about every school in the county.  Selfishly. I’m glad I no longer depend upon a paycheck from OBSD — a paycheck that apparently would depend upon my putting myself (and possibly others) in danger every day.  My heart goes out to all of those who are caught up in this mess.

Would that our tax dollars earmarked for “education” could be redistributed for a while so that home supervision could be provided for students of working parents.  So that we could continue virtual learning.  So that we could buy time for finding ways for kids to socialize without being put at risk.  So that our front page headlines weren’t about the most precious and vulnerable of our population.

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  1. mary garvey says:

    I don’t know what rules they follow..but have children eat lunch outside rather than crammed together . there are lots of exercises they can do..kite flying, line dancing, track, pitching and hitting baseballs, walking, nature photography..always staying far apart. whatever whatever whatever tell me they are not wrestling especially or doing other contact sports or anything that requires a locker room. open the windows..i worked in seattle schools and you could not persuade a teacher to open a window. don’t know if i ever saw one. if there are frail kids, put them together but most kids should have air blasting them. more recesses. long lunch recess. have them walk home if under 3 or so miles and able to do so. adult leader to keep them separated. they must be monitored of course…let parents keep them home half days if they can manage the supervision. six feet apart at least. if you have to, send half of them outside with a PE or outdoor education teacher. No close sports, no dances, no field trips. minimal bus riding. m. garvey

  2. You blog caught up with me today. What a sorry picture you paint. Some interesting suggestions from Mary Garvey here, but there’s a killer virus on it’s way to us from India. Unless people get themselves vaccinated, we’re in trouble. We can’t go on with “fixes.” forever.

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