Oh boy! It’s an errand day!

During these sheltering times, we tend to save up all our “erranding” to do in one fell swoop if at all possible.  It just seems a more effficient use of time.  But, come to think of it, we have plenty of time these days…

Anyway,  today is the day and on our list are the following:

  • Ocean Park Clinic: Lab work for Nyel.
  • Ocean Park Timberland Library:  Pick ups and returns.
  • Nahcotta Recycling:  Flattened cardboard boxes.
  • Surfside: Christmas Delivery to friends.
  • Oysterville Post Office: sending and receiving.

I’m not crazy about doing errands of any kind.  Never have been.  These days, though, I chunk them together and Nyel usually goes with me so we make an “outing” of it.

Sometimes we drive through an area we haven’t visited for a while — maybe Seaview or maybe out to the end of Stackpole Road.  Not ever far.  Just enough for a change of scenery.  Nyel, who is always more observant than I– my excuse these days is that I’m the designated driver — is the one who points out things that are new or have changed or are noteworthy for some other reason.

These outings always remind me of the “Sunday Drives” we went on when I was a child.  It was after the war when we could finally have a car and be able to count on tires and gasoline and other things that had been rationed for so long.  I loved those drives — they seemed so relaxed and sort of pointless.

Come to think of it, it’s so like me to combine a “pointless outing” with necessary errands.  Perhaps my New Years Resolution should be to do more things that are pointless…  But it’s hard to see the point.

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