Here in Oysterville… June!

I’m not sure about other places, but here in Oysterville the month of June is usually a bust.  It equivocates.  It’s ambiguous.  It shilly-shallies around.  It is definitely unclear about its intent.

Seldom (actually, some years never) is there a “rare” June day as described by poet James Russell Lowell.  Nor is it “bustin’ out all over” as the Rodgers and Hammerstein song declares.  It doesn’t present us with “dry, hazy June weather” as Henry David Thoreau suggested.  Mostly, it’s a little of this and a little of that but nothing you can count on here in Oysterville.

May promised us picnic weather on the way.  But, apparently not in June.  Usually, too, June delivers the end of school days and gives proms and graduations and the beginning of a sunny future.  This year, not quite so much; not quite the same.  And not just here in Oysterville.

Here in Oysterville for almost 40 years, June has meant the beginning of our Summer Vesper Programs with Sundays of music and blessings and cozy fellowship.  In the uncertain June weather, we  have counted on the church providing the warmth of remembrance and the feeling of past generations reassuringly nearby.  This year is different and June has fewer places to c0zy up in here in Oysterville.

Today we are halfway through this dithery month.  We woke up to wind and rain.  But, even at five-thirty it was light.  And warm.  Not January or February.  Not July or August, either.  By ten, the clouds were trying to make way for blue skies but the trees and shrubs still dripped.  The wind still blustered a bit.  Maybe it will yet offer a few hours of outside lollygagging time here in Oysterville.  Who knows?  It’s June!

Five more days until summer.  Fifteen days until June can be put to rest for another year.   Surely July will bring warmth and watermelon and days for wading in Willapa Bay right in front of Oysterville!

On the other hand, according to an old English proverb:  “If the first of July be rainy weather, It will rain, more or less, for four weeks together.”  YIKES!  Surely not here in Oysterville!

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