Decadent Dinner For Two While Hunkering

Tossed Green Salad – Gone!

I didn’t think to take pictures until it was too late, so you’ll have to believe me when I tell you that it was fabulous!  And use your imagination.

Part of our morning coffee discussion is always the day’s meal plan and yesterday’s dinner discussion centered around a baguette that we had picked up last week at Freddy’s curbside service.  (Which was excellent, by the way!  Worked perfectly; no glitches.  We already have placed an order for Sunday pickup.)


Anyway… that baguette has been calling to me.  “We have a little wheel of brie,” said the chef.

“Perfect!” said I.  “Let’s have the baguette and brie and a tossed green salad.”


Roasted Garlic

When the time came, the fragrance of roasting garlic met me halfway to the kitchen.  Two heads (one each) were waiting on the table along with the warm, crusty baguette ready for slicing and the brie, soft and creamy at room temperature.  (If you have never had brie and roasted garlic mooshed onto a warm baguette, you have missed one of life’s greatest dining pleasures.)

Last of the Brie

The salad, tossed with Nyel’s perfect Vinaigrette dressing, included romaine lettuce, green onions, sliced radishes and cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and black olives.  Only missing was the wine but since neither Nyel nor I are wine drinkers, it wasn’t missing at all.

It was as if we’d died and gone straight to Paris!  Heavenly!

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  1. Jane Smith says:

    I set up a weekly pickup time at Fred Meyer, and add groceries to my cart all during the week. You can modify the cart up to the day before pickup. You can be sure Brie is on my list every week. We bake bread, so we know the loveliness (is that a word) of brie/roasted garlic on a baguette.

    I love that we share the same Fiesta plates.

    I hope you and Nyel are staying healthy. I wish we could get to the Peninsula, but it isn’t going to happen soon. Some of my favorite chefs are there and I would love to support them. These are very strange times.


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