Oysterville, Sydney’s second book for Arcadia Publishing, tells the story of a place  near and dear to her heart — the village where she lives and where her family has been since the town’s beginnings.  Sydney is quick to point out that unlike other books on the historic village, this one is based on photographs – more than 180 of them!  “They won’t all be new to people,” she says, “but having them all gathered into one book is unique.  They give a pictorial history of Oysterville that has never been available before.”

The text, though minimal as in all Arcadia’s books, traces Oysterville’s history through the rise and fall of the oyster industry.  “Over the hundred and fifty years of Oysterville’s existence,” says Sydney, “three different oyster species that have thrived in Shoalwater (now Willapa) Bay.  The fate of the town has been closely tied to the success and failure of those unprepossessing bivalves!”

Oysterville gives readers a look at who made and who lost fortunes, who stayed and who moved on.  Thanks to Sydney’s meticulous research and unique access to diaries and letters of long ago, many of the incidents and anecdotes are told ‘first-hand’ giving readers a rare opportunity to connect with a by-gone era.

Oysterville retails for $21.99 and is available or can be special-ordered at local independent bookstores. It is also available at Arcadia Publishing or through Amazon.

Copyright ©2010 by Sydney Stevens 

Published by Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC