Legendary Locals of the Long Beach Peninsula

Book CoverGeographic isolation, abundant natural resources, and the challenging climate of Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula have shaped the strong character, individuality, and creativity of those who live there–from the First Peoples of the Chinook Nation to the eclectic, ever-growing population of the 21st century. Along the Columbia River, the salmon industry has spawned leaders such as P. J. McGowan, John Kola, and Jessie Marchand. On Willapa Bay, oyster workers and cranberry growers from Meinert Wachsmuth, Ira Murakami, Charles Nelson, Jim Crowley and and MalcolmChief George Charley McPhail have struggled to understand and protect their fragile environment. Entrepreneurs like John Morehead, Mary Lou Mandel, Keleigh Schwartz; legislator Sid Snyder; surf rescuer Doug Knutzen; and artist Eric Wiegardt have each played a role in shaping this unique area.

Legendary Locals of the Long Beach Peninsula (Arcadia Publishing, 2013) chronicles the generations of inhabitants who have celebrated the distinctiveness of their communities as they have endeavored to cooperate in sculpting their future.

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