When the call came, I held my breath…

A pleasant sounding young woman called from the Pacific County Health Department the other day…  I held my breath.  Did they need to cancel our second Covid-shot appointment?  Had they run out of vaccine?  Would we have to reschedule?  And how crucial is the timing for this second vaccine?  Were they going to need to switch us to another kind?

I think it was only Nano-seconds before she explained the reason for the call.  But it’s amazing how fast those synapses in your brain fire the alarm signals and pose the questions.  (Of course, Nyel says it’s just me — always looking at the empty half of things.  He’s probably right.)

The call was to ask us if we could come for our shots a half hour earlier.  Whew!  “Yes, of course,” I told her.  “We’ll be there.  No problem.”  We still need to drive to South Bend and back.  We still plan on packing a lunch.  And we’ll still be relieved when this is a done deal.

One step closer to the new normal.

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