Cluck! Cluck! Who’s there?

Big Red Looking for Nyel — 2018

They come to the east door every afternoon about 1:00 or 1:30.  Up on the porch, up on the threshold.  Clucking and tapping with their beaks against the window panes.  “Farmer Nyel, Farmer Nyel, let us come in,” they say.

They hop up the steps to the porch — only on the days it’s not raining and just at the time I’m returning to my office after lunch in the kitchen.  The time varies a bit.  How do they know?  Are they hanging out in the rhododendrons or in the crawl space under the house?  Can they hear me coming?

Farmer Nyel and His Girls

Our routine doesn’t vary.  I open the door and tell them I’ll call Farmer Nyel.  I have to leave them alone for a moment but they wait patiently.  So far, they’ve not stepped onto the cranberry carpet and into the house.  After I’m assured that Nyel is on his way, I visit with them for a bit, telling them that it just takes a little time nowadays.  “And,” I tell them, “he’s bringing treats!”

When he gets there they greet him anxiously and stretch their necks up to reach the treats in his hand.  Usually it’s Little Red Hen and Clara who come.  Slutvana, the independent one — not so much.  Sometimes LRH hops right up onto Nyel’s lap or onto the arm of his wheelchair for better access to those mealworms.    Or to the cracked corn.  Or whatever the treat may be.

Ten minutes max and then that east wind gets right in among us.  Nyel gives a final toss of treats out toward the lawn and the girls take the hint.  I’ve never heard him say, “That’s all! by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.”   Nor do they say, “See you tomorrow!”   We can but hope… You never can tell with chickens.

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