Cinderella, Roomba Princess

Cinderella is definitely a New Age Princess.  Her Fairy Godmother communicates with her through a cyberspace connection and and acts as intermediary between us simple folk and our Roomba housemate.  All directions must come from the Mother Ship where the FG sits at the controls.

As an example, if we would like the Princess to vacuum the living room, we have only to tap a few keys on computer or cell phone.  Within seconds we hear a pleasant five-tone melody from Cinderella’s launch pad and off she goes on a living room cleaning spree.  The process is flawless…  IF we have internet service.

Cinderella in the Living Room

But this is Oysterville.  We have frequent “interruptions” in our cyberspace connection.  As in all afternoon and evening yesterday.  Ordinarily, I would just think of it as a day off for Cinderella.  But yesterday it flat out pissed me off!   So, I removed Cinderella from her launch pad, carried her to and set her in said living room, and pressed her “Clean” button. Voilà!  Off she went.  And went. And went.

First she cleaned the living room.  Next she went into the dining room, then the kitchen.  When her battery ran low, she returned to her launch pad — all by herself and with no direction.  Wow!  An hour or so later our internet servic must have come on just long enough for the FG to tell Cinderella about the orders to clean the living room — an order I had not thought to remove from my cell phone.  So, off the princess went again, this time to clean the living room only.  Again.

Our living room carpet has never looked so good!  And right in time for Valentine’s Day!

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