Blog Block… I have no words.

JANUARY 6, 2021
Washington D.C.




3 Responses to “Blog Block… I have no words.”

  1. Betty Kennedy says:

    Evil! Why are these people following this Hitler?

  2. Betty Kennedy says:

    Saddens me that these destructive “protestors” can’t see that the man they are following is only concerned for himself. God help us end this craziness.

  3. sydney says:

    I do not believe for a minute that these people are “protestors.” They are insurrectionists, pure and simple. Nor do I think that what happened on January 6th should surprise us. We’ve we’ve seen them in city after city since Trump praised them after the Charlottesville disaster in 2017. The only shock and surprise is that it has taken so long for “us” to see them for what they are and to fully understand Trump’s role in their growing power. Nor do I think we are “out of the woods” yet as evidenced by yesterday’s group of House Republicans who have asked Biden to get Nancy Pelosi to back away from impeachment proceedings. Unbelievable!! Our democratic system is so broken, it’s beyond scary.

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