Word of the Day! Illustration for the ages!

A few days back, I wrote:  I’m also thinking of carrying a yardstick when I go outside.  Added to the length of my arm, it’s still a foot short of the six-feet rule.  But, even so, I’ve found that many people “forget” or have a truncated idea of what six feet looks like. And even though it  couldn’t be used in the post office, it might serve as a reminder to  the stubborn and the gormless.

My son, who is way smarter than I am, wrote, “What’s gormless?”  I was just going to send him the standard dictionary definition (though I think it lacks the true essence) when a headline in the online  Chinook Observer caught my eye:  Car driven into Port of Peninsula Mooring Basin 

As I read about the two women who had spent from midnight until seven in the morning sitting beside the mooring basin near the spot where their car was resting in the bay, my incredulity grew.  Then,  halfway through the article I read: “They thought their car was overrheating and they parked it in the bay.”

I immediately forwarded the article to Charlie.  “Read this and you’ll understand the meaning of gormless,” I told him.  “It’s perfect!”


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