Winter Surprises From A Faraway Friend

Nyel Models Scarf From Barbara

The package wasn’t very big and weighed next to nothing and came from far off Cohasset, Massachusetts.  I couldn’t image why we would be getting something from John and Barbara.  We are long-time friends, but not necessarily gift-exchangers.  The card inside said:

Dear Nyel and Sydney,
This is a story about this scarf that I made for Nyel, hoping he would wear it to visit the “girls” and you would both think of me when he wears it.  “I visited Colleen early one morning and she taught me this difficult pattern over breakfast and coffee.  I felt so at home —
That was September (?).  Obviously speed is not my forté when it comes to knitting but love has been poured into every stitch.  I pulled it apart several times, started over mid-way, cried, and finally my tenacity pulled me through.
So here you go Nyel — you will look so handsome.
I have also enclosed some old-fashioned snow-flakes made by my friend who helped guide me thru this scarf —
So much fun — so proud!
Wishing you a fabulous 2020 and a belated Merry Christmas.  Miss you!
Love, Barbara and John

I’m a bit teary even as I copy Barb’s words.  The warmth of her friendship will be with us both for a long, long time, sustaining us even when the weather changes and Nyel no longer needs to wear his beautiful scarf.

And just in case a little clarification is needed — Barb was here in September for the 150th birthday celebration for our house.  Colleen is the proprietor of Adelaide’s Coffee and Sweet Shop in Ocean Park and sells the most amazing yarns.  When Barb lived here in the 1980s, she knew Colleen at the Full Circle Cafe at the Ocean Park Approach…



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