Whew! No matter how you figure it…

Goodbye to Christmas 2019

…we got our tree down just in time!  Or so it seems.  Our two tall Christmas elves made a return visit yesterday afternoon to climb Tucker’s ladder and take down the way-up-high ornaments that they had placed in that eleven-foot noble fir four weeks ago. (Four weeks!  Wow!  No wonder that tree was looking so tired.)

Tradition in some circles (especially British) has it that the Christmas tree should come down on Epiphany (which is today.)  Or… some say that all  Christmas decorations should be taken down on Twelfth Night (which was yesterday… or today, depending upon how you count.)  Either way, by my figuring, we made it!

Two-fisted Clean-up!

According to some traditions (or maybe superstitions), Christmas decorations not taken down by Twelfth Night should be left up until February 2nd (Candlemas Day) and still others say that if you miss getting your house undecorated by January 5th, you must leave the Christmas decor up until Twelfth Night the following year!  Yikes!

On the other hand… taking decorations down too early is also a no-no.  In ancient times, people believed that tree-spirits lived in the holly and ivy. After the festive season, they would be released outside but if they were let go before Christmas ended, there could be problems with the harvest as a result.  I was a bit relieved to hear the holly and ivy part — we didn’t have either among our festive boughs!

Every Crack and Cranny!

Mostly, though, I’m just pleased to have the house looking back to “normal.”  It is a New Year’s bonus that our elves could be here yesterday ensuring the end of Christmas in a timely manner and according to old traditions!  And besides that, they went crazy with the cleaning up!  There is ‘nary a fir needle nor an icicle strand to be found as a reminder of Christmas past — and that’s said with perfect 2020 hindsight!




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  1. Sandy Stonebreaker says:

    How lucky you are to have the tall elves; or any elves for that matter.
    I am currently puzzling as to how to get my “bric a brack” back on top of my cabinents.
    Thinking I might do something stupid and get on a ladder…then again.

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