What happened to the apple pie?

Portland Mom Bruised by Rubber Bullets

So now it’s mom and rubber bullets?  Whose son (or daughter) pulled the trigger?  Is his/her mom proud of him/her? Was shooting moms an order?  Do I pay my taxes to support troops who fire upon U.S. citizens?

Why won’t Governor Kate Brown persist in getting these troops removed?  Why does she blow it off as a political ploy by a law-and-order president in his bid for re-election?  Why, if her initial “reasonable” arguments fell on deaf ears, has she not been more insistent?  Why isn’t she aggressively finding a way to combat the use of federal troops in her state if, as she says, they are exacerbating the problem?  Do Oregonians feel satisfied with her leadership?  And what about Portland’s mayor?  Is he also culpable?

Sheet Music, January 1, 1917

What “other side” of this situation justifies troops harming those who are gathering peacefully?  Is the protest still about Black Lives Matter or has it become something else entirely?  Who is working to de-escalate and solve this mess with reasonable discussion and discourse?  If that’s happening, why aren’t we hearing about it?

Didn’t all of this start with a tea party in Boston several hundred years ago?  Is the party over?


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