The Promises of August

Flowers at Vespers, August 2019

August first already!  The sun is shining.  Nyel’s birthday is on the horizon.  We’ve survived almost five months of sheltering as have our friends and loved ones.  And there are still plans afoot in our garden for flowers to bloom and birds to hatch.

So… we gird up our loins to carry on!  I have thirty-three more days before my book manuscript — “print-ready” as they say — is due.  We’ve promised our rhododendrons to the east and west of the house that they will get trimmed before month’s end.  We hope Eugene will show up soon to build us a little woodshed.  And our intentions toward a clean garage still stand.

Our South Lawn, August 2019

The month will certainly not be boring.  And who knows what lies just ahead on the various horizons — scientific, political, or even entertainment.  One thing for sure — August will give us plenty of opportunities for new adventures right here at home.  And maybe there will be more sunshine along the way!

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