The Garbage Man Cometh… but when?

From The Peninsula Sanitation Website

One of my neighbors called yesterday to ask if my garbage had been collected on Wednesday morning.  “Yes, as usual,” I said.  “What time?” was the next question.  Actually, I wasn’t sure.  I left the house  about 8:3o a.m. to get to Ilwaco and set up for the Community Historians class.  I pushed our tote out of the garage before I drove off.

It seems that her garbage wasn’t taken and, when she called she was told that she’d have to wait until next week; the collection time had been changed.  Now, instead of our years and years (and probably years and years, besides) of early afternoon pick-ups, it would be at 6:30 in the morning.  SAY WHAT?

I know for a fact that I rolled that tote out when I’d left for Ilwaco Wednesday  morning.  It certainly wasn’t any 6:30 a.m.  “Were we supposed to be notified about that?” I asked my neighbor.  “That’s what I wondered,” was the response.  “I thought maybe I missed something in the mail.”

From The Peninsula Sanitation Website

So, after we hung up, I called Peninsula Sanitation to find out.  The first time I got the answer machine but when I pushed the appropriate button I was told the hours were Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 5:00.  So I called again and voila!  A live voice.”

“Yes,” the woman said after I’d identified myself and she could look up my address for herself.  (Apparently, I didn’t sound like I really knew where it was that I lived.)  “The Ocean Park route was getting too big, so we split it.  You’ll have to have your garbage ready at 6:30 a.m. now.”

It took asking just the right combination of questions to find out that the drivers begin their routes at 6:30 a.m. and, no she couldn’t tell me an approximate time for the Oysterville pick-up.   “If you are first on the list, it will be 6:30.”

“Were you intending to notify any of us, or perhaps I missed it,” I said.  There was probably the beginnings of “a tone” in my voice.  “No,” she told me.  “There won’t be a notice.  It already says on your bill that we may be picking up at any time after 6:30.  It’s always on every bill.”

From The Peninsula Sanitation Website

“So you won’t be sending us anything in the mail or putting an announcement in the paper?”  For sure there was a tone this time.  The answer didn’t change.  No apparently is no.  Have your garbage out by 6:30 or risk living with it another week.  Over and out.

It was all a good reminder of what monopolies are all about.  “Snippy” doesn’t begin to describe that voice.  (Mine either, probably.)

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