The Boys in Our ‘Hood

A Few Years Ago

Forgive me if my sense of humor is not quite intact.  As most of our friends and acquaintances know, Nyel has been confined to a wheelchair since a disastrous surgery on a broken hip almost two years ago.  He will probably not walk again.  Nor will he be able to drive again.

Nevertheless, we have kept his old Ford truck parked in the lane next to our fence.  It is where it has “lived” since we moved permanently into town twenty-two years ago.   Like a lot of guys, Nyel has a special relationship with his truck.  He got it the same year we bought the Bookvendor in Long Beach and he chose to have Vanity Plates on it.  They say BOOKS.  Or they did until recently.

So clever, those boys!

The other day when our friend Jay Short came to do a little painting for us, he noticed that both the front and back plates on the truck now say “BOOBS.”  Someone has “cleverly” affixed ‘B’s over the original ‘K’s. Were there any third-grade boys in town who had the appropriate skills, I would point my finger at them.  It’s what I would call “typical third-grade humor.”

But, most third grade boys aren’t cruel.  And, cruel is what I consider this particular act of vandalism.  It would be one thing if Nyel could readily deal with the problem but, as it is, it will take some doing to correct it from his wheelchair.  Knowing Nyel, though, he’ll manage it if it’s at all possible.

Their mothers must be proud.

We wonder how long those ‘B’s have been in place.  Since before or after the Oysterville Sign Thief was busted?  Probably before.  The M.O. is a bit different and there are several candidates in town with the appropriate tools, skills, and lack of character.  But… do we really want to know?  It’s hard enough living with hostiles in the neighborhood.  It’s even harder when you know exactly who they are.


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  1. Wellsir, as D.Walter Williams would say, “Those kids need to learn the meaning of the word NO! I’d like to take them out to the woodshed with a hickory switch!” It’s hard to be forbearing considering it could have been Some Time Ago when the indignity occurred. I wish you the best in appropriate retribution! Love, KK

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