That age-old question!

Slutvana On The March

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Despite the almost endless possible answers to that age-old riddle — my favorite being,  Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the idiot’s house”. Which is then followed by a knock-knock joke: “Knock knock”, “Who’s there?” “The chicken.” — in Oysterville, the answer is: “to get to Tucker and Carol’s.”

So, yesterday afternoon when I got a phonecall from my neighbor Cyndy saying, “Did you know that Slutvana is in the road,” I wasn’t surprised.  “She’s stopping traffic,” Cyndy laughed — which isn’t so much a commentary on the vehicle activity on Territory Road as it is on the slow and not-quite-deliberate progress of Slutvana.

Little Red On Her Way To Tucker and Carol’s

Cyndy, herself, was in her car, probably returning home from Willapa Bay AiR.  “I’m right in front of your house,” she said.  “And all the guys working next door are out watching her, too.  Should we be rescuing her?”

“Probably not,” was my response.  “She’s most likely on her way to Tucker and Carol’s.  The word’s out, you know.  Those bears aren’t the only ones who like to snack on that wild birdseed Carol puts out every morning.”

We chatted for a minute or two while Slutvana took her time getting to the other side (ahem.)  Cyndy was concerned about how she got out and I told her that short of keeping them in their run (which is surrounded by chicken wire) there seems no way to contain them.  “They’ll scratch their way under the pickets or squeeze through the space between gatepost and fence.  They’re incorrigible,” I told her.”

Foragers at Wachsmuths’ Fire Pit – Photo by Tucker, 2016

“Should I go get her and bring her back?” came the concerned question.  “Or will Tucker return her?”  I reassured her that Slutvana would find her own way home.  Maybe she’d bring Little Red Hen with her.  You never can tell with chickens!




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