Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder

People never cease to amaze and delight me.  Especially my friends!  Case in point:  this morning I received notification from my friend Mark Peterson that tomorrow (May 23rd – mark your calendar!) is National Drinking With Chickens Day!  I am not so amazed that a day has been set aside for this activity — more like, why just one day? — but that pun-loving Mark knows about it.  And why didn’t we?

I mean, clearly, drinking with chickens is a no-brainer if you are prone to hang out with them.  Which we are!  But that a national day has been set aside to celebrate that backyard-with-chickens activity is totally awesome.  Here we thought we were the only ones…

Photo from Drinking With Chickens website

As soon as I received Mark’s notification, I went on line to find out more.  What I learned is that there is an entire website and blog about  appropriate drink recipes, devoted to this (some would think) rather esoteric activity.    Plus other really weird and wonderful chicken stuff.  The most I can learn about the creator is that her name is Kate E. Richards and she is hysterical —  or at least I think so, even without benefit of a drink.

Whether or not you have backyard chickens and, probably, whether or not you drink, I urge you to check out Kate’s website. The photos alone are worth the experience.  And how can you not be enchanted by someone who writes, “So we have a few pets… They have taken over our entire life. Send help.”  Plus, she called her original (she’s on number 4.0) coop “Free Range Chicken Jail” which is exactly what our chickens call their coop!  Like minds.  All the way around!

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  1. Bill says:

    somehow I just can’t quite picture in chicken leggings

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