RIP Snowhite

Not A Mark On Her

I don’t know if my tears were of relief that we had found her, remorse that we were unable to help her, or regret that her life was so hard and so short.  Poor little Snowhite was in the garden all the time — toes up over by the old gazebo.  Nyel spotted her yesterday morning on his way out to water the hanging baskets.

Farmer Nyel is always the one who notices things.  I am usually oblivious.  I blame my poor eyesight, but maybe I’m just not attentive enough.  Not that it mattered this time.   Nyel took care of her remains, but not until he looked her over carefully.

“Not a mark on her,” he said.  I am so very glad about that part and gratified that I can dismiss thoughts of an off-leash dog that might have caused her demise.  I truly think that she died of “natural causes” and I console myself that, during her short two years we did more for her than for any other chicken we’ve ever had — beginning when she was just a chicklet and one of her nest mates pecked her head right down to the bone.

Chickens In Their Very Own ICU 5-11-18 (culprit and victim)

That time, Farmer Nyel made a little medical helmet for her.  She wore it for quite a while, until the skin grew back and some (but never all) of the feathers.  That was May 11. 2018.

Then there was the time last January when Fred and I had to get her out of the coop so Nyel could treat her for mites.  (Or something.)   Fred proved himself to be a mighty fine chicken wrangler and, once again, Nyel’s medical skills came to the rescue.

But this time, although we saw that she wasn’t feeling well, we couldn’t determine the trouble.  I am so sorry.  And sorry, too, that I couldn’t understand what the remaining two girls were trying to tell me the other day.  They probably knew she was over by the gazebo but chickens aren’t good at leading you to the source of their concern.  Even after twelve years of trying, I still don’t understand chicken-chatter very well.

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  1. Nancy A Holden says:

    I am so sorry and also sad. She was your pet and I am sure she will be missed.

  2. Jan Paxton says:

    Sorry you guys. ?

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