My Grass Roots Opinion Poll — Sort Of


Most of our garden is lawn.  Back in the day when Nyel was able to do the heavy lifting, he took care of the mowing and the feeding and weeding and, mostly, the watering.  Now we have Tom-The-Mower-Man, but the quarterly applications of moss deterrent and fertilizer (ammonium sulfate) are up to me.

“Quarterly” is actually a mis-nomer, although it does happen four times a year — roughly Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving — as recommended by Master Gardener Don Tapio.  The process involves pushing a spreader back and forth east/west and then north/south on the lawn, which is a lot of walking and lifting/pouring of product.  So, it takes this old woman several days, especially considering the periodic rest periods between applications.

For the last few days, I’ve been working in the South Garden and am Johnny-on-the-spot for a bit of long-distance conversation with the neighbors as they walk their dogs or are just out for a stroll.  After “how’s it going” sorts of starts, the conversations have veered quickly to the County’s decision to open the beaches to driving.

At the End of Oysterville Road, 1940s (Where Surfside is Now)

I certainly haven’t seen or talked to every neighbor, but of those who have stopped for a bit of conversation, the prevailing reaction to the opening is “why?”  As one person said, “They are still discouraging visitors and we locals could already go walking on the beach.  So, what’s the point?”  And, another person — a dedicated clam digger — was incensed that “on top of that, the first clam dig has been cancelled!”

All-in-all, in my non-official, non-comprehensive, probably nonsensical and totally informal survey — residents don’t see the point of the “opening.”  Neither do I.


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