Let’s just call it a “Storage Shed”

With one thing and another, our woodshed didn’t get completed until it was too late to fill it with a few cords of dry wood.  No problem.  We have enough firewood to see us through this winter and then we’ll work on it.

Meanwhile, though, it seems to have another purpose.  Situated as it is just under our pear tree,  its roof has become the quintessential Pear Depository for our garden.  Not that the roof isn’t slanted.  The rain runs off just fine.  But those pears are like rocks.  Heavy.  (Just ask painter Charlie Short who was a target for a few brief hours.)  And they tend to stay (THUNK!) where they land.

If they were normal pears, we might be able to count on the birds for cleanup.  But the birds have learned, perhaps through the Bent-Beak Method, to leave them alone.  Only the Deer People really love them.  But, until we can teach the deer to climb, that possibilty seems off the table (or the roof, you might say.)  I think teaching deer to climb is probably a lot like teaching pigs to fly…

“Just sweep them off,” said my helpful neighbor Chris.  I think that would probably involve a ladder with me on it with a long-handled rake or broom.  Not going to happen.  Maybe if that “just like the 2007 storm” ever arrives as “promised” by the weather gurus, the winds will take care of it.  On the other hand… it might be a toss up (again… so to speak.)  That pear tree is probably 100 to 130 years old.

Nyel says it all depends upon which way the wind blows… the tree could take the derelict gazebo (which would be fine with me.)  Or it could take a good part of our fence.  Or it could take the southeast corner of our house.  YIKES!  There really must be a better way to get rid of pears on the woodshed roof!

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  1. Bill grennan says:

    I’ll be glad to come over and sweep them off

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