“It’s a regular lake out there!”

The lake in our east meadow made its appearance somewhat later than usual this year, undoubtedly because the rains of November didn’t arrive until December.  Years ago, Nyel named it “Lake Little” in honor of my father.  Most people probably think we call it that for its size, but I maintain that, in that case, he’d have named it “Little Lake.”  Which he didn’t.

Black Brant

My father, William “Bill” Little  always enjoyed that seasonal body of water.  He liked watching the ducks paddling around out there on fine winter days, bobbing and diving after who-knows-what tasty morsels below the surface.  Too, he enjoyed seeing the Brant come in to rest and reconnoiter.  I can still hear him say, winter after winter, as if it were the first time, “Why!  It’s a regular lake out there!”

Chickens at Water’s Edge

I recently read that the oldest recorded Brant was a female, and was over 27 years, 6 months old. It had been banded in Alaska and was found in Washington.  Can’t help but wonder if she was among the yearly visitors to Lake Little.

This year, the lake seems larger than usual, even though it didn’t appear until Christmastime.  I wonder if its size has more to do with the condition of the meadow, itself, rather than with the amount of rainfall.  Does it have to do with how evenly the meadow was mowed back in September?  Or, perhaps, with the storm-driven high tides of late December?  Kathleen Sayce could probably tell me.

Eagles On Merchant Street

I don’t think the waterfowl care one way or another.  Nor do they seem to pay any attention to our chickens who sometimes stand at water’s edge to watch them float and dive.  Even when the eagles are in their nearby perch high atop the nearby Monterey Cypress on Merchant Street, the denizens of Lake Little pay no heed.  I imagine they are secure in the thought that there is plenty for all.  After all, they are right here in Oysterville, God’s country!


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  1. “Plenty for all.” If that were the condition in human society, what a different world this would be.

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