In the non-pumpkin zone… again!

Along Territory Road, 2010

The Great Pumpkin struck again yesterday.  He arrived (in broad daylight!) with a pick-up load of pumpkins and scattered them artistically through town.  When he began his tradition here in 2010, he left his bright orbs of color throughout the village — a few here and a few there along the verges.  There were some pumpkins  in front of every house as well as in front of the church and schoolhouse.  Since 2015… not so much.

You can definitely tell who’s considered “in” and who is considered “out” by Oysterville’s Great Pumpkin.  We,  like the church and a number of other places along Territory Road are obviously “out.”  Not a pumpkin to be seen.

Sally and Linus

Oh well.  Unlike Sally Brown and Linus van Pelt, we won’t be up all night over it.  In a way, it seems like good advertising… most of us that don’t get pumpkins aren’t Great Pumpkin aficionados.  It seems to be a two-way street… or verge, as the case may be — just one more indicator of the Great Divide in our wee hamlet.

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  1. Martha W Wharton says:

    This is not a current pumpkin/yard sign topic, but I wondered if you might have an answer to my question.

    In all your historical research of our area, have you come across any account of the original inhabitants of the peninsula and how they came this came to be white/European territory. I live in a historic house in Seaview and have a growing awareness that its builder wasn’t the original owner of this land.

    I’d love to research any indigenous documentation that might exist.

    As the historical expert, I thought you might be a good place to start. Thanks!

  2. sydney says:

    Hi Martha,
    There have been a great many books written about the history of this area. I think a good place to begin would be at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum’s bookstore which has a great selection of books to choose from and I’m sure there would be someone there to assist you with your specific interests.
    Meanwhile, thanks for reaching out. I am complimented that you that you felt I could help.
    Sydney Stevens

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