He offered. I refused.

At The Stevens’ Salon

Yesterday Nyel took his barber’s kit and disappeared into the garage.  Being the worrier that I am (and with the excuse that I needed to document The Great Haircut Event) I followed.  I knew he’d be standing on his one good leg on the cement floor and with both hands and head busy.  In my mind, a formula for trouble.

Feeling Like A New Man!

But, it  went perfectly smoothly and didn’t take long at all.  Just enough time for a few pictures and a little sweep-up of a lot of hair.  Wow!  What a difference a few dozen swipes with an electric razor makes!  Not the designer cut that our wonderful Elizabeth has been providing in recent years, but neat-and-tidy counts for a lot.  Plus, he reminds me that he used to cut his own hair for years…  I had forgotten.


After I finished clapping and cheering, Nyel asked if I’d like him to do mine.  I have to tell you, I was just a tad tempted.  However, I don’t think a buzz-cut is my style of beauty.  Not that long, gray, and shaggy is either, but … oh well.  This too will pass.  And meanwhile, what a good-lookin’ feller I have to admire!  Plus, he says my Sheltering Shag isn’t all that off-putting, so not to worry.  What a guy!

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