Game On! But which one? And when?

Tetherball for the Girls

No wind, No rain.  Cold, crisp, blue skies!  “Perfect for an outside tetherball tournament!” said Farmer Nyel,

So he sent me out to the chickens armed with a big fresh cabbage and I dutifully attached it to the tetherball rope in the chicken run.  The girls watched from afar, but didn’t seem inclined to choose up sides.  Not just yet, anyway.

I figured they might want to get their team strategies worked out in private, so I left them to it.  After all, it’s been a while since they’ve had a new tetherball installed.  The last one was sometime last summer and only lasted a day.  (And how’s that for a lot of lasts?)  On that occasion, there was only one tired cabbage leaf left hanging on the rope by the time I tucked those girls in for the night.

Playing Hide-and-Seek

Before I left, Clara (or was it IdaMae?) came over to check out the new development and I reminded her that for optimum fun, she might want to ask another girl to have a go with her.  She was non-committal so I left her to it.

I went back an hour or so later to see how it was going.  It wasn’t.  And there was no sign of the girls.  Even though I tried to lure them with the promise of treats, they were staying well hidden (except for their bare feet) back under the cypress tree.  I think they might be confusing Hide-and-Seek with Tetherball.  It’s hard to tell with chickens…

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