Eight Months and Counting

Enterring Month Nine!

As you enter the ninth month, you get a little crazy.  At least that’s what I remember from my “Expecting Days” and that’s definitely what’s happening during these Sheltering Days.

This morning as I was making coffee, my Covid hair finally pushed me over the edge.  I foraged around in the kitchen junk drawer and found a couple of rubber bands and took care of the problem.  When I arrived back in the bedroom and handed Nyel his cup, he didn’t even notice.

A Work In Progress

“Good!” thought I.  I guess I can go with this new look — at least around the house.  Never mind the scraggly look at the back.  I can’t see it and probably my true love won’t notice that either.  I figure another eight or nine months and I can bag the rubber bands and comb my long gray locks into a chic coif to be proud of.

Well… you’ll have to admit:  so far, anyway, my sense of reality is as frangible (yes, it’s really a word) as ever.

3 Responses to “Eight Months and Counting”

  1. Melinda Crowley says:

    Love it. Love the rubber band colors.

  2. Abby says:

    Ha! Yes – the colors are starboard and port worthy!

  3. Nancy Holden says:

    Love it !! Glad to see that you are keeping your sense of humor. It is difficult now days but necessary to stay sane !!

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