A whole new learning curve with Cinderella!

Cinderella’s Home Base

Right off the bat — or, more accurately, right out of the box — we realized that a few things had been overlooked during Cinderella Roomba’s job interview.  In the first place was the matter of her living quarters.  It seems there are very specific parameters.  She needs to live in a place where there are eighteen unencumbered inches on each side of her and four feet in front of her. Plus she needs a good WiFi connection.  Lots of luck with that in Oysterville!

Do you know that there is not a single spot in this big house that meet those requirements — at least not on the first floor!  And since she “doesn’t do stairs,” it was find or make a place for her downstairs or send her back to Kentucky.  (Yes, that’s where she came from.  It took her almost a month to get here and we wondered if she were vacuuming all the highways along the route.)

Learning Granny’s Tea Cart

We finally decided to try the place that came closest to meeting her specifications,  even though it wasn’t perfect — 13 inches on one side and several feet (but under a couch) on the other.  It’s a high-off-the-floor couch so she can go under it if need be.   And it’s near my office and the modem.  The difficulty might be that it’s not very centrally located.  In fact, it’s in the far northeast corner of the house — the farthest possible place from the kitchen.  However, so far, we she hasn’t told us that it’s  a problem.  (On the other hand, she hasn’t made it to the dining room and kitchen yet — she usually has to return to home base for a rest about halfway through the living room.)

However, presumably she’s been mapping as she goes, so when she just gets down to her cleaning duties, perhaps she will go faster.  And farther.  She is working now, as we speak, and seems to be re-doing everything she did yesterday but in a speedier manner.  Hopefully she will get all the way to the kitchen before she has to come back to home base to recharge her batteries — or to dump her dust bin, whichever comes first.

Papa’s Lawyer Cabinet

She did get stuck once yesterday.  I was nearby (as instructed for her initial run) and her app on my cellphone said, “Cinderella is stuck.  She needs your help.”  She had tried to get under my grandfather’s “lawyer cabinet” which has a curvy decorative bottom — ideal for getting stuck halfway under.  It was tricky getting her out.  There’s no way Nyel or I, even in tandem, could lift that cabinet full of books but, somehow through main-strength-and-awkwardness I was able to budge it enough to nudge her out.  YIKES!

Even so, Cinderella is rapidly finding a place in my heart.  I don’t think the carpet under our bed has been this clean since it was installed two or three years ago!  And, even though there are places she can’t get to, she does a far better job than I can manage with her old, upright distant cousin.  Woot!  Woot!


2 Responses to “A whole new learning curve with Cinderella!”

  1. Jane Smith says:

    She gets faster as she completes the map. To set the maps quicker you can put her on the mapping setting while not cleaning. It goes faster. Mapping while cleaning takes several days. Then you have to name the rooms and move some walls! My Roomba (Marvin) does not live within the distant parameters of the directions, but has no issue. Yes, sometimes he gets stuck. However, she gets under beds just fine (which I don’t do). If you don’t want him to get stuck under the Lawyer Cabinet, you can “set a wall.” Be prepared to stock up on filters and bags. Amazon seems to have the best availability and cost, though I found a good deal at BBB once. If you get a cat or puppy (like we have), prepare for chaos! Get used to the machine filling up and coming home to empty often!

  2. sydney says:

    Thanks for all the great tips, Jane! Fortunately with “sheltering,” Cinderella has our undivided attention. So far, she has never gotten beyond the middle of the living room. I keep hoping she’ll venture on into the dining room and kitchen but, if not, I think I’ll just take her in there so she can “see” that there is more to this job than she’s been doing (and doing and doing and…)!

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