Twenty-four Hours of Glorious Gallimaufry

After almost 50 years — a new mattress!

I was gone from St. Vincent’s for just over twenty-four hours — five or six spent driving, seven or eight spent sleeping, and the rest spent in a wonderful hodge-podge of people and events and life-outside-the-hospital things.  The only downside was that Nyel wasn’t with me.  On the other hand, ‘they’ are making noises about discharging him soon — maybe early next week.  To a rehab situation.

Happy Mother’s Day from Marta!

My first stop was at Adelaide’s where I had a much-postponed coffee date with my friend Ruth.  It took us an hour and a half to catch up with medical news (both of us), children news (both), moving news (Ruth), and silliness (mostly me.)  Then I beat feet home to get ready for one o’clock delivery of a new mattress and box springs, ordered for our bed by Nyel weeks before this hospital stay.

Looking for Farmer Nyel

The deliverymen called at twelve-ten.  Could they come early?  You bet!  They were intrigued with the house and even admired our old mattress with its built-in ‘handles’ for moving it around.  “This is a collector’s item!” said the older of the two  “We may just display it in our store window.”  That made me chuckle.

Ice Cream

My folks got that mattress in 1971 from Sears — had to have the antique bed lengthened by four inches to accommodate the “new, longer” mattress size.  Our replacement  (which, sadly, I had to sleep on last night without Nyel) is actually an inch or so shorter than that old Sears number.  But, oh! so firm and fully packed (to borrow from an old Lucky Strike jingle).  I slept like the proverbial log.

Ready for Memorial Day

And… on to Friday Night.  Quite a crowd of “regulars” came to exchange the latest guzz’n’gossip and to talk about the unseasonably warm weather.  As if on cue, in came Sandra with a big bowlful of ice cream cups in many flavors!  Perfect!  Diane talked about Memorial Day Plans — she hoped Nyel would be back to read “In Flanders Fields” as usual, but if not, would I?

Patient Nyel

This morning Tucker and Del got the cannon out of the garage and put it on its new cement pad — a replacement for the one that was broken last fall during our dreaded Septic System Upgrade.  Then, I headed back to St. Vincent’s.  But first, a short stop in Ilwaco at the Heritage Museum to wish Don and Marge Cox a Happy 75th Anniversary!  Wow!  Talk about Role Models!

I had lots to report to Farmer Nyel  or, depending on his hat of the moment, General Nyel.  Actually, when I got here, he had on a shampoo cap —  I guess he was being Patient Nyel.   Not really a look to perpetuate — especially not at a hospital!




4 Responses to “Twenty-four Hours of Glorious Gallimaufry”

  1. anne e nixon says:

    I’m so sorry to hear Nyel is in the hospital again!!!
    Give him a big hug for me, and hope he’s out and on that new mattress with you soon.
    And tell him St Vincent’s (the old, old, old one) is where I was born. It was up beside a hill,
    i think, before new one was built.
    Love and best wishes to you both,

  2. Funnily enough, I have a blog coming up on the subject of mattresses. Looks like Nyel will be happy to leave his hospital one. Hope he gets home soon to enjoy his new bed.

  3. sydney says:

    Who knew that mattresses would be in our “news”!
    Thanks for your positive thoughts regarding Nyel’s homeward progress. Soon, we hope.

  4. sydney says:

    Thanks, Anne!
    Yes, in our grandparents’ day I think Wt. Vincent’s was the only show in town. In the 1980s when Uncle Cecil decided it was time to meet his maker, he packed up his suitcase and when Barbara came to the beach for her next weekend visit he told her he was ready to go with her and be dropped off at St. V’s. Barbara explained that the days were long gone when you could just stay at the hospital until you died. Uncle Cecil was amazed — but flexible! He simply decided to go home with Barbara. I think he lived for several more years before he died. (Barbara never complained — until afterwards. lol)

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