Today is BYD at our house.


BYD equals Big Yard Day and that’s what today is here at the White House in Oysterville.  Glenna and Lee are coming to fluff and buff the garden beds — maybe put a little more bark hither and thither.  Tom-the-Mower-Man is coming to tidy up the lawn — probably one  of the last times before the winter hiatus. And maybe… just maybe… Eugene will be here to plant several more dozen daffodils, compliments of Tom Downer and Jack’s Country Store.

It would be good to get all of those things done today.  The rains are due tomorrow, not steadily but on again, off again for the next week. Too, I’d like to get one more application of ammonium nitrate on the lawn before Thanksgiving.  (The recommended “dosage” for healthy, green grass is four times a year — Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.) I’m thinking next week is close enough — especially if it rains and I don’t have to drag out the hoses.

Applying that ammonium nitrate is something I can do myself.  The hardest part is handling those 50-pound bags of product but walking behind the spreader is a no-brainer.  If I were “counting steps” like many of my friends, I’m sure I’d earn several days’ worth by the time I finish.  5,000 square feet of lawn makes for a lot of steps!

November Color

Meanwhile, our rhododendrons (identity unknown) along the north fence line are blooming, right on schedule!  They aren’t my favorite blossoms but it is lovely to have blossoms of any sort at this time of year!



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