Thinning and Slimming

Baby Apples Galore on June Four!

Today was THE most beautiful of Oysterville mornings so, after I woke up the girls with a few treats, I went on a walk-about to see how our garden grows.  “Luxuriously!” I say.  Mary Mary Quite Contrary has nothing on us!  I was especially amazed at our dwarf apple tree, a Rajka which, supposedly, gives a late summer crop.  But it is bursting at its seams already this year.


The Garden Patrol

Last year it produced a puny crop which Nyel thought should be thinned, anyway.  The result was not many of apples to speak of.  I’ve heard that, left to their own devices, apple trees produce large crops every other year and this must surely be the year!  I’m not exactly sure what will happen without Nyel’s tall stature, long reach, and deft hands to do the necessary choosing and picking.  He says that they will self-thin to some extent, but I have no idea how that works.  What I do know is that it is difficult to be a one-legged-thinner so this year will begin a No Thinning policy at our house.

Nyel, Reconnecting

As I did my survey of the garden, I was accompanied by four of our five fowl ladies.  (I think the fifth was busy in the nest box.)  They were giving the beds the down-close-and-personal examination.  I doubt that they know (or care) anything much about how the apple crop is coming along.  As for Nyel, though… I will give him a report complete with pictures when I visit him him Seaside later today.  He will probably have some cogent advice for me which I will follow assiduously — as long as it doesn’t involve ladders!

And speaking of thinning… Nyel has lost about 30 pounds since his hip fracture.  His appetite is beginning to come back, finally!  I hope he soon begins making some solid gains!  One hundred fifty-five pounds is just scary for a six-foot-two man!  Of course, he points out that he’s six-two only on his good side — probably about five-ten if he could stand on his other leg.  And that whole concept is even scarier…

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