The Comfort Zone

On A Scale of One to Ten

Well… it it ain’t one damned thing… Yesterday, Nyel spent the day in agony.  Not hip pain.  Belly pain! And, if you’ve been following along (bless you!) that’s what got us here in the first place.  Two months of pain meds for the hip repair equalled serious constipation despite all meds and efforts to the contrary.  Finally, in desperation, he went to the ER where an X-ray of the belly revealed that screw that had worked its way from the hip hardware through the bone… and he is still at St. Vincent’s in Portland seventeen days later.

Gradually, things are getting better.  As the Doctor-of-the-Day said to Nyel this morning, “Well, you’ve made it through.”  A little disconcerting to hear, in a way, but encouraging, too.  However, everyday brings something new.  Like yesterday’s pain.  Today, the pain is better although the problem has not been resolved, but his blood pressure plummeted to 72 over 39.  Scary.  It’s on it’s way up as we speak, thanks to IV liquids and holding off on his diuretics.  Another “balancing act” on the tightrope to stability.

I, on the other hand, have been leading the Life of Riley.  I have been staying at the Providence Guest House just across Barnes Road — a reasonably-priced, bare bones sort of motel.  There’s a microwave in which I can zap my evening meal and a TV upon which I have discovered an oldies-but-goodies channel.  Last night it was mac’n’cheese and three or four episodes of “Hazel.”(Remember Shirley Booth and that early 19e60s sitcom?).  Talk about an evening of complete (well, almost) relaxation.  Pretty close to  ‘Comfort Zone Heaven’!  Now, if we can just bust Nyel outta here…

3 Responses to “The Comfort Zone”

  1. Juli Hertel says:

    Miralax. I spent a week in the hospital on serious pain meds and all of the hospital supplied methods were unsuccessful. Finally after a month out of the hospital and still hurting I broke down and decided to try it. Success! Between apples and celery for fiber and miralax once a day I was feeling much better. But its never been quite the same as pre pain meds.

  2. sydney says:

    They have been giving Nyel Miralax for a week or so — plus senna, two other laxatives, suppositories, even prune juice. Finally, today, day twelve — success! Hope it continues…

  3. Vay David says:

    Love to you both! All best healing thoughts winging your way.

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