The Balancing Act

Nyel, Pre-Surgery

Nyel has been moved up in the world – from orthopedics on the sixth floor up to the cardiac unit on the eighth so he can be monitored “on the telly” as the nurses say.  The transfer happened about 7:30 this morning because the morning lab draws showed that his potassium count had plummeted.   His 10:50 surgery has been postponed to 1:50 (maybe), depending on whether they can get the potassium numbers up.  “We don’t want him to have a heart attack on the operating table,” the nurse said.  YIKES!

It’s always a balancing act.  They’ve been diuresing him to get the fluids off.  Pulling off all those fluids is the reason for the tanking potassium.  Now, he’s getting more potassium by IV and, also, orally by pills dissolved in water.  “We don’t want him to have a heart attack on the operating table.”  YIKES some more!

The biggest balancing act of all, of course, is between his cardio needs and his orthopedic needs.  Right now, the heart is taking precedence.  This is precisely what we wanted to happen when we were here two months ago.  Thank goodness they are listening this time around!  Not that it’s an easy call.  Ignoring either could result in a life-threatening situation.  We feel fortunate that the team of heart doctors are working closely with the orthopedic team and we trust that the best possible choices are being made.

Meanwhile, I had an unbalancing time of it myself late last night.  I was getting up from my “sleeping chair” and through sheer stupidity (as in sitting for a moment on the footrest part of the chair) fell to the floor when the footrest retracted.  In the process I whacked my head on the wall and, inadvertently screamed, bring nurses and aides on the run.  There was a bit of blood but, in the end (ahem!) it was my tush that hurt the most, although probably not as much as my dignity.  This morning I feel a tad battered and bruised but am in fine fettle otherwise.

The DO NOT FALL signs seem to mock me at every turn.  I tell myself, “It was an accident.”  Yes, of course it was.  It was not an “on purpose.”  Bottom (ahem!) line, these recliner chairs really suck.  I do hope the rest of this day proceeds on a more even keel and that our equilibrium – internal, external, mental and physical – will continue to harmonize toward health and happiness.  And home!

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  1. Nancy & Roger says:

    I just think all of this is just ENOUGH !! You are both really tough
    and we admire you for that. I just can’t believe what you two have
    been through. Our thoughts are with you. Get home soon to the chickens !

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