“Stop! Smell The Roses! Give Yourself A++!”

Flowers From Dave and Stephanie

Flowerrs from Dave and Stephanie

Day 27 — Stephanie and Dave’s flowers arrived just at the right time.  It was mid-morning and Nyel had just endured two heavy-duty procedures.  He was in pain despite two IV doses of morphine, but was ready to “relax” for the rest of the day — relax and smell the roses!

Before eight o’clock the Occupational Therapist had come in.  Goal: to stand up from a sitting-on-bed-edge-with-feet dangling.  He struggled mightily and got oh-so-close.  “A+” said the OT lady!  Next she had him transfer to the Sara Stedy, sit on Sara’s seat, and scoot himself back onto the bed.  Mission accomplished.  She said what he had done was “huge.”  Nyel’s eyes told me he was underwhelmed but I had seen how hard he worked and what the cost had been.  “A++!” I say.

Then, in came four Women in White — the Nurse, the Infectious Disease Person, the Orthopedic PA, and the Wound Care Person.  The Nurse was here to help; the Wound Care Person was here to change the dressing; the other two were here to observe, although they also helped as needed.  It was hard to watch Nyel’s suffering but he said not a word — just lots of breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth as he has been instructed.

The Wound (On His Left Thigh)

I did manage to get a few pictures and, when all was said and done, I asked the Wound Care Person what she thought.  (They are watching for more infection and if they suspect any, he will need to have the site opened up for the fourth time!)  They are looking for redness, unexpected seepage, etc.  She was reassuring — thought it looked good, although there is redness that bears watching. The wound will be re-dressed on Tuesday.

So… there you have it.  Roses and lilacs and carnations and sweet peas and roses some more.  And he even ate some of his lunch!  Bit by bit, some progress is being made!  Now, if only they would re-start his blood thinners, I might sleep better, myself.




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