Standing On His Own Two Feet!

First Stop!

I feel like calling out to the chickens, “Watch out, girls!  Here he comes!”  But it will probably be a while.  There are some logistics to work out – where and when for the locking knee brace, the walker, the cane, the wheelchair – all of which will play a part in Nyel’s ability to resume his Farmer duties.  But the very bottom line as of yesterday – he can now but weight on his “bad” leg.  Yay!

According to his surgeon, his broken leg has healed well.  That does not mean, of course, that he is in any less danger of falling than he has been since his second quadriceps surgery failed several years back.  “Falling” has been his middle name.  He is SO lucky that, in the dozens of times his knee has failed him and he has gone done without warning, this was the first real damage he has done to himself.  A mega wake-up call. So, now the re-learning work begins.

Of course, yesterday’s news was received with great relief – in more ways that one.  For the three months of “no weight-bearing,” my dignified husband has been dependent on what used to be known as “the truckdriver’s friend” – a pee bottle or a male urinal.  So, first stop yesterday was the men’s room at Rebound where he could actually ‘stand and deliver’ so to speak.

Six on the Floor

Today, he is using his knee-locking brace (almost happily!) and a walker to begin rebuilding strength in both legs.  Meanwhile, the wheelchair will probably be his main aid to mobility.  And, when he is confident that he can move around the house without problems, he’s looking forward to that knee scooter to get him down to the girls in nothing flat.

As for me – I’m clapping and cheering and trying not to hover! Woot!  Woot!

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