One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

It’s a familiar dance step – one that goes with a variety of tunes.  Curiously, it doesn’t have a name – at least not one I can find among the 37 dances listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.  Not one dance from #1 “Pop Goes The Weasel” and #2 “The Virginia Reel” to #36 “The Rumba” and #37 “The Shimmy”  — not one is based on that familiar pattern of one step forward and two steps back.

But, even so, it is the step-pattern of choice here at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  There are a few variations, of course.  Sometimes there are three or even four steps back and, sometimes no step forward at all.  It’s all very confusing to the willing learners such as Nyel and myself.  And, the confusion is often compounded by the dance instructors (read doctors), themselves.  Not only do they disagree with one another, they often (apparently) disagree with themselves.

Take yesterday, for example.  A dance instructor (read doctor) from another dance team (read medical discipline) came in for a consultation.  His suggestions for a change in the dance pattern sounded terrific.  It seemed that his plan would soon have Nyel moving two or three steps forward without backward movements or even dips.  But, somehow, there was a change in his thinking after he left here and his original plan was scrapped.  Nyel’s dance routine was suddenly in a reversionary mode – steps that were tried days ago, and were found ineffective then, have been put back in his routine.

We’ve requested a conference with both dance instructors together.  Although both have agreed, they have come in separately.  That has happened twice this morning – they apparently don’t understand the terms “conference” and “together.” One comes and justifies one thing.  The other comes in and justifies something else.  Perhaps they are still trying to coordinate.  The only thing that seems consistent is that Nyel will not be leaving this dance studio for the foreseeable future.  Probably not for another week.

Through the magic of cyberspace, Nyel is in communication with his Number One Danseur in Seattle who has offered to consult with these St. Vincent’s’ hoofers if they initiate the request.  Neither Nyel nor I believe that they will consider doing that.  Stay tuned… if you can find the appropriate melody.

4 Responses to “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

  1. Betty/Jan Paxton says:

    Well Sydney- it sounds as if they are stepping on their own feet! We need to pray that they’ll listen to the music of a different symphony! So we’ll be doing that praying! Hugs and love to you both from another snowy day in E’burg! ????? B&J

  2. sydney says:

    Thanks, Betty and Jan. Another symphony is a grand idea!

  3. Marion Freshley says:

    Oh my gosh it only stands to reason that your present doctors would be consulting with Nyel’s cardiologist at U of W Hospital where they have his recent records & seemed to get things figured out for him. I would be absolutely frustrated beyond words being in your situation. Let’s hope some rational solutions come in to play for Nyel very soon.

  4. sydney says:

    Amen to all that!

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