Music Vespers Today! Three O’clock!

Ready for Vespers, 2014

There aren’t many places as peaceful in the early morning — even on an early Sunday morning — as our little Oysterville Church.  Today it’s my turn to “do” the Oysterville Moment which is actually a volunteer activity with far more to it than meets the eye — none of it onerous.  Usually.  (Today, though, there was dog poop under one of the pews in the church!  OMG!)

If you have ever been to the Oysterville Music Vespers series, you may know that toward the beginning of the program an Oysterville Restoration Foundation member gets up and welcomes everyone, including the minister, the organist, and the musicians.  But, even if you don’t really remember that part, you may recall that there is a story or a memory told.  Usually it pertains to Oysterville or the historic little church and often it’s about long ago.  It’s the “Oysterville Moment” for that Sunday.

What you may not know is that the person whose turn it is to present the Moment has other responsibilities as well.  That morning, the church is swept and tidied, the chairs are set out in the Sunday school room, the old hymnals are laid out on pews and chairs, and  flower arrangements are placed on the piano and organ.

Tucker’s Oysterville Moment – Summer 2014

About 2:30 — a half hour before Vespers begins — the Oysterville Moment volunteer (the OMV??)returns to stand in the vestibule.  There, he or she greets those who enter, handing out the bulletin for the service and making introductions if the minister, organist, and musicians don’t know one another.

Later, they are responsible for coordinating the ushers for the collection  — although Tucker has been doing that part of things lately.    Finally, after the service is over, it is the OMV’s responsibility to return hymnals to the closet (there’s always a lot of help with that!), make sure windows are closed, and remove the flowers.

For the first sixteen years of Vespers, my mother and father did it all — mostly my mom did the “Moment” and dad did the rest!.  For the next twenty, Nyel and I “inherited” the job and the division of labor was similar..  For the past five years, though, it’s been a responsibility shared by Oysterville residents.  I love it when it’s my turn!  But, truth to tell, I’m glad to just be part of the congregation most Sundays.

Cate and Starla Gable. 2019

Oh — and did I say that today the minister is Anna Haugen of the Chinook Lutheran Church? I’ve not yet met her but feel I know her.  My college roommate was named Anne Haugen and I’m eager to ask Pastor Anna if there is a connection. Our stalwart organist is Sandy Nielson who volunteered to do three extra Sundays when we couldn’t find enough volunteer organists.  And today’s featured musicians are Cate and Starla Gable who tell me that they are going to have a surprise for us — a third “guest musician!”   Wow!  It’s going to be fabulous!

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