Looking Forward To That Light Fantastic!

Sydney and Nyel, 2004

YESTERDAY:  Nyel’s heart team at the UW Medical Center gave him a great six months’ report.  Things have not looked this good for him since 2014!

TODAY: To Portland to get the report of his orthopedic team.  Hoping his leg has healed sufficiently that it can begin bearing his weight again.  First time since October 3rd!

TOMORROW:  Looking forward to planning a better future – maybe not tripping that light fantastic right away, but at least having another pair of boots on the ground.

I can’t wait to tell those chickens:  “Here comes Farmer Nyel!”

3 Responses to “Looking Forward To That Light Fantastic!”

  1. Looks like 2019 is starting off well. May the good news continue.

  2. Marion says:

    Glad you had a good report yesterday on Nyel and bet today will be good also. I know he will be so happy to start bearing weight on his leg soon and you will be also. You both have been so patient with all of this but you wouldn’t have done it any other way. Wishing you both a much better 2019!!

  3. YAHOOO!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!!! HALLELUJAH!!! This is just terrific news! I am so glad for both of you, not to mention your feathered friends… Congratulations! And I’ll wager any amount of bingo chips and fried eggs (yours are delicious btw) that you WILL be Dancing At The Ritz before long. Long May You Wave!!! Love, KK

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