Let me count the ways…

Thanks for the rides, Bill and Maggie and Tucker!This past week was one of those periods when everything seemed to catch up to me.  Nothing serious or even very out of the ordinary, but I suddenly felt overwhelmed and inept.  But before I could really think about it, the days filled up with friendship and blessings!

It began last Tuesday when Maggie came over to help me put the upstairs back together.  Our painter friend Jay had re-painted two of the bedroom floors and once the furniture got moved back in, there were beds to be remade and straightening to do.  Maggie said, “I’ve always thought that if I owned a hotel, I’d hire housemaids in pairs.  It’s so much easier to make beds with two people.”  And it was!  Four beds in nothing flat!

Smiling and Sparkling with Miki

The next morning at 8:30 I delivered my car to Hill’s Auto Shop.  Bill Grennan, bless him, gave me a ride home via Adelaide’s for a coffee.  Nyel and I were to be car-less for three days.  Then, suddenly that night, Nyel went to the ER in Ilwaco by ambulance and I was car-less all by myself!  Tucker to the rescue!  He took me down to the hospital to be with Nyel and picked me up when Nyel was about to be transported to Portland.  On Friday, it was Maggie who gave me a ride to pick up my car — all shiny bright and dent-free. So many wonderful friends to help me out!

I should also mention Tom-the-Painter who got up at three in the morning to work on the car so it would be ready in time for me to beat the dark on my drive into Portland.  (I don’t do well with night driving these days…)  The car looks fabulous!  Thanks George and Tom!

It might have been Sunday that Tucker told me he was going to the dump and did I have anything for him to take.  Oh boy and how!  With everything else going on, I forgot to put out the garbage Wednesday and we were on ‘overload.’   Suddenly next Wednesday didn’t seem so impossibly far away.


Then, yesterday and today, Miki was here helping me wash and dry all the china and glassware in the dining room cupboards.  It’s a monumental task that I was ‘prepared’  to spend a week doing as I gear up for our September 150th Birthday Party for the house. But, in a FB message, Miki responded to my comment about being tired with:  “How can I help?  I’m retired now, you know!”  And it was fun!  We laughed and talked and remembered…  The most time we’ve spent together since I was teaching at Ocean Park School in the 80s and 90s!

And… Brigid came by last night with a still-warm blackberry pie and a bag of ice surrounding a quart of ice cream!  “Did you pick the berries?” I asked.  “Yep!  This morning!”  What a fabulous treat!  What a week of blessings!  We are so lucky!


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