It’s Chicken Tetherball Season!

The ladies have been laying to beat all records — five hens and five eggs a day for many, many days in a row.  It’s as if they hope a good report to Farmer Nyel will bring him home  more quickly.  Don’t I wish…

He is proud of them, though, and I told them so this morning as I hung up a new regulation tetherball-for-fine-feathered-athletes.  They were on it like the tournament had already started.  If you haven’t seen a game of Chicken Tetherball in the flesh (or feather), you have missed quite a treat.  The ball, of course, is a head of cabbage, and the girls seem to the manner born.  Without any introductory explanations or special encouragement, the  play begins as soon as the referee (that would be me) gets out of the way.  I did tell them that the equipment was according to Farmer Nyel’s specifications and they seemed extraordinarily pleased about that.

The internet is full of suggestions for games for chickens.  Some are complex — like filling a remote toy pickup truck with scratch and then releasing the chickens  to chase after the truckful of treats.  The online video was with turkeys and was hysterical.  They run flat out after that pickup and if you’ve never seen racing turkeys (or chickens) you just haven’t spent enough time on the farm.

However, I’m more inclined to try the spaghetti game.  I haven’t seen this done, but apparently you hang a strand (or many) on the fence and then watch the fun…  I can’t quite imagine what that “fun” is exactly,  but I’m willing to share next time I have a pasta dinner so I can find out.  Whatever transpires is supposed to be hysterical.

Farmer Nyel is more interested in chicken tricks — like getting them to jump through hoops.  Fortunately he has more patience than I and I’m thinking that getting his ladies to do a simple circus act or two might be a pleasant summer pastime for all of them once he gets home.  Stay tuned…


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