Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Ghosts and goblins and witches, oh my!  And so the holiday season begins!  During my childhood, Halloween marked the start of the most exciting time of year!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas — Boom! Boom! Boom!  All in a row!  What could possibly be better?

Costumes and trick-or-treating and apple-bobbing!  Halloween was definitely my favorite!

Turkey dinner and cousins and seldom seen family members gathered once again around the table!  Thanksgiving was definitely my favorite!

Trick or Treat?

Curling ribbon and Christmas trees and secrets and Santa Claus!  Christmas was most definitely the best of all!

The darkest days of the year were punctuated by excitement for three months in a row.  What could be better!

Then came the parenting years and then the primary teaching years and the excitement always had an overlay of planning and responsibilities and… exhaustion!  But the anticipation and excitement of the little ones was still the best part.

And now?  Who’da thunk that Oysterville would have ‘nary a child in residence?  Not a single costumed child to show up at our door.  It’s a lot like living in a retirement community — a circumstance I always hoped would never be part of my old age.  Our bowl of treats is ready, though…  just in case.  And there’s always Mrs. Crouch somewhere just out of sight.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Yes, we’ll always have her and your good read book “Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula!

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